B.W.P.A Winners

The British Photography Wildlife Award have recently been announced. Belown are some of the amazing photos from the winners and runners-up.

”The British Wildlife Photography Awards were established in 2009. The key aims of the awards are to:

  • Recognise the talents of photographers practicing in the UK, while at the same time highlight the great wealth and diversity of Britain’s natural history.
  • Celebrate British wildlife, in all its beauty and diversity, through a collection of inspirational photographs.
  • Showcase the very best of our nature photography to a wide audience and engage all ages with evocative and powerful imagery.
  • Encourage discovery, exploration, conservation and enjoyment of our natural heritage.
  • Raise awareness about British biodiversity, species and habitats.”

These stunning images by so many talented photographers highlight the diversity, breadth and beauty of our precious wildlife and the need to protect their habitats. The British Wildlife Photography Awards are without doubt one of the most important photography awards in the UK. Anything that raises the public’s awareness of the importance to conserve and protect British wildlife is very close to my heart and these awards afford a spectacular insight into the habitat and behaviour of our British wildlife. From blue tits to badgers, never has Britain’s wildlife looked more beautiful.” Chris Packham, Naturalist and TV Presenter.

 Top prize in the British Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition goes to George Karbus, from County Clare, Ireland.

‘Dormouse Hibernating’, Paignton, Devon by Danny Green; Highly commended.

‘Viewpoint’ by James Knight, winner of the Hidden Britain category

 Mark Thomas, winner of the Animal Portraits category.

Urban Wildlife winner; Jamie Hall, from Norfolk.

Botanical Britain winner; Robert Canis, from Kent, for ‘in the shadow of giants’ (saffrondrop bonnet)

Natural Details winner; Michael Gallagher, from London, for ‘cuttlefish detail’

Joseph Amess, aged 15, was the winner of the 12 to 18 years category.

Highly commended; ‘Awakening otter’, Shetland Islands, Scotland by Brydon Thomason.

Animal Behaviour winner; Robin Orrow, from Norfolk, for ‘deadly rivals’ (grey wagtail)

Habitat winner; Margaret Walker, from Inverness, Scotland, for ‘red deer stags enduring blizzard’

‘Mating Robberfiles’, Skipwith Common, East Yorkshire by Oliver Charles Wright.

‘Blacktailed godwits roosting with knots’, Snettisham, Norfolk by Thomas Hanahoe

 Highly commended image of little owl chicks titled ‘The three Stooges’ by Richard Peters.

‘Cormorant with perch’, Durham, Cheshire by Ben Hall