It’s that time of the year again; nights are longer, days are getting colder, but that hasn’t stopped people getting out there and snapping some awesome pictures of the Autumn/Fall.

Here’s some of my favourite ones:

‘Transparent’ by Kasia

‘Autumn’ by Mislav Marohnìc

‘Acorns’ by Kaloer

‘Maple Leaf Structure’ by Steve Jurvetson

‘Autumn falls…’ by Paul Bica

‘Under the yellow umbrella’ by Kasia

‘Fall Line-Up’ by Sharon Mollerus

‘Faux Ripple’ by Scott Robinson

‘Release’ by Anne Worner

‘Idaho Aspens’ by Charles Knowles

By Holger

‘Beech Tree’ by Tony Webber

By Theresa Thompson

‘Dyavolski Most Bridge’ by Evgeni Dinev

‘Leaf Points’ by Steve Jurvetson