Fashion photography is seen as a glamorous and exciting world, and it’s one which many photographers are attracted to. Often large scale and with big budgets, fashion photography shoots have an obvious appeal. They often involve visits to exotic locations, and are a combination of travel, portrait and glamour photography.

elements of fashion photography is getting the best from your models. A background in portrait photography can be a good foundation for fashion photography, and many of the skills are the same. Communicating a vision to a model, and posing and directing them effectively during a shoot comes with experience. Experienced photographers are often involved in casting for fashion shoots, but new photographers may not have any say in who they have to work with.

Eye for detail

Although fashion shoots are often very artistic and creative, the photographer needs to show the clothes and accessories at their best. Using a combination of posing, lighting and shooting angles, it’s essential that details are captured. The photographer must always remembers that it’s the products which are the subjects of a fashion shoot not the models wearing them.

The law

Fashion photographers need a good understanding of the law to ensure they stay out of trouble. As well as understanding copyright laws and the legal rights of models on a shoot, there are laws to protect everyone involved. As fashion shoots often take place overseas, the photographer also needs to understand local laws which may apply in other countries.

Developing a style

Fashion photography is a highly competitive world, and to be a success you will need to develop your own style. Although you must work to a client brief, there is always room for some creative interpretation. The photographer who is able to offer a unique approach and to consistently produce creative images will never be short of work.