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Reflections in Photography

Reflections Using reflections in photography can lead to some interesting compositions; reflective surfaces such as water or glass, can transform your images into something more artistic and abstract. Photographing reflections is quite a
29 April 2022

Summertime Photographs

Summertime Summertime seems to be well and truly with us (well here in the UK it is!) It’s great to just grab your camera and roam about in your shorts and
29 April 2022

Stunning Photographs Of Wildlife

There’s one quality you’ll need when photographing wildlife, and that’s patience. Be prepared to wait, and wait, it takes a long time to get good wildlife shots, even longer to make great ones.
28 April 2022

Images Of Autumn/Fall

It’s that time of the year again; nights are longer, days are getting colder, but that hasn’t stopped people getting out there and snapping some awesome pictures of the Autumn/Fall.
28 April 2022

Weird Weather Photo's

We’ve Had some pretty weird weather in this part of Europe. Here in parts of the UK it’s been damaging high winds, heavy rain and floods.
28 April 2022

Amazing photos

Amazing photos Here’s some amazing, quirky and interesting photos taken from all over the world. Lavender field A real ‘angry bird’ Kilchurn castle, Scotland There’s always one
28 April 2022